Behold, God is my deliverance, I will be full of confidence, and I will not fear  For the LORD, the LORD is my strength and the praise of me  He is the one who has saved me. (Isaiah 12:2)

Testimony about my mom

When I was a child and young teenager, I attended witchcraft sessions practiced by my mom. My mom, on certain occasions, would go into some sort of convulsions, or she would develop incredible energy and strength. 

After these seizures, she would tell us that she couldn’t remember anything.  During these periods of unconsciousness and convulsions, my father, who was very strong, could not physically control her. 

One evening she undertook a very special session or she stood behind a candle in which, she had stuck a number of ball needles. (That kind of needles that you find to fix a new man’s shirt with the boxes)  

Then she sat down in front of this candle and started muttering incantations, this went on for hours, as it took an incantation for every needle that fell. 

Very late at night, I saw with my eyes the flame of the candle grow and grow, and I saw a sort of blackish bust with a hood. At that moment, my mom was thrown backwards hard, and lying on her back, a large pool of blood came out between her legs.

In a scream she said :

” She is stronger than me ” 

She was rushed to St. Michael’s Hospital in Brussels, where for several days she was in very bad shape. I never knew exactly what happened to her, I heard that it was female organs that had burst. 

A committed Christian

She told me that she had a good idea about the future. She once predicted my future in the following way : 

  • You will marry the girl you are dating, you will have four children. Your life will be made up of ups and downs.
  • You’re going to have a serious accident.
  • Beware ! One day you will meet a woman with white hair, if you listen to her you will die. 

It all came together, we got married, had four children and very shortly after that consultation I had a very serious bicycle accident. 

At that time I took a Bible and threw it into the fire.  It was a stove with a lid that closed on the hearth. As the Bible burned down we were very frightened, because the lid jumped off the top of the fire, it was like a mini explosion. 

I knew I was doing wrong, and that my actions were going to have serious repercussions. 

Some years later, I was reunited with my father and my foster mother. She had white hair, and she preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to us, demonstrating that the Bible is the word of God. 


New birth

My wife and I gave our lives to Jesus Christ, and it is obvious that the moment we did that, we passed from death to eternal life. 

From the moment my family understood that my approach was serious and with no possible way back, my family severed all family ties. 

  • I thus lived for over thirty years without seeing my father, mother, and three brothers. 
  • I learned of the death of one brother and the death of my parents through legal and administrative channels. 
  • I don’t know where they are buried, as they had themselves cremated and had their ashes spread on the lawn. 

Their end was miserable. 

  • My sister-in-law committed suicide with a gunshot to the head. 
  • My older brother survived a bullet he shot himself in the head. I don’t know what happened to him. 
  • My other brother died in a car explosion, and at the same time a bomb went off destroying his apartment and two others below him. 
  • My third brother was my father’s gay partner, this one totally disappeared after my father’s death. 
  • My mother died of cancer which quickly spread.
  • My godson hanged himself in the attic. 

I think that when one deals with the devil, abomination, desolation and darkness enter into life. 

Before my conversion …

  • I had nocturnal visitations,
  • I saw luminous balls, apparitions in mirrors,
  • I was all wet, invisible powers tried to strangle me,
  • I heard abominable screams,
  • I saw a man in black in my room disappear at the mere utterance of Jesus’ name.  
  • I was attracted to evil, and I did quite a bit of evil. 
  • I was beginning to make everyone around me very afraid. 

As I lived my youth, I think that if I had not come to Christ, I would have fallen into an endless decay, where I would have dragged my wife and children. 

It is driven by this fear of the demonic, and also in defiance of my wife’s faith that we have undertaken a search for God. 

My principle was to say:

I know evil, if God exists, it is the God of love and good that we need. 

This is how we began our research into traditional religions, and some sects. 

The Gospel

To finally go to meet my foster parents, they were the ones who set us on the path to the gospel. Foster parents, because my parents abandoned me from the time I was nine months old to eight years old. 

<i’m not=”” a=”” child=”” of=”” my=”” parents,=”” i’m=”” parents.=”” <p=””>During this period, I went to worship every Sunday. At twenty years old, it was back to my roots, I returned to the church of my early childhood, I found Sunday school friends, and people who knew me as a child.  It was during an evangelistic campaign organized in the Brethren church in Carnières, where the evangelist Fernand Legrand brought the message and made a call, it was there that my wife and I gave our lives to Jesus Christ together. 

This was the beginning of many occult deliverances, a transformation of character, and the abandonment of exactions and violence in favor of a life devoted to God and my family. 

It will take about ten years to be completely delivered and free, but I testify that

with Christ all things are possible. 


40 years later, I am living a life of victory over a bygone past. During my life of conversion, I have done and am doing everything in my power to witness to salvation in Jesus Christ. 

I have planted an assembly in Belgium and helped a church sustain itself after losing its pastor. I am working to plant a church in Brittany, and I expose doctrinal and apologetic errors within the Christian association Vigi-sectes. 

Romans 5:20  …where sin abounded, grace overabounded, 

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