United Nations befriended with Islamic Jihad

… thou shalt no more be called, The lady of kingdoms. I was wroth with my people, I have polluted mine inheritance, and given them into thine hand: thou didst shew them no mercy; upon the ancient hast thou very heavily laid thy yoke. And thou saidst, I shall be a lady for ever: so that thou didst not lay these things to thy heart, neither didst remember the latter end of it. Therefore hear now this, thou that art given to pleasures, that dwellest carelessly, that sayest in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me; I shall not sit as a widow, neither shall I know the loss of children.

The Bible

The UN tried to pass a resolution recommending that the radical Islamist Palestinian Authority be granted full UN membership as a Palestinian state.

Results: The resolution was not adopted: 12 votes in favor, 1 veto: USA, 2 abstentions: UK and Switzerland.

The nations and their media, for the most part, politely and skillfully demonize Israel day by day, taking away from this nation, without saying so, the right to defend itself and the right to exist on the land it has been given. It’s becoming normal to hear bad things about Israel and its leaders, from the street to the workplace.

It’s even sadder to note that part of Christianity, from the time of the Church Fathers onwards, and right up to the present day with the replacement theology, has been anti-Semitic. Anyone can read the Bible, and so can the devil, but some omit the passages about the election of God’s people, and see the term Jew as an insult. They bless or excuse Palestinian Islamists, and curse Jews, even joking about gas chambers and ovens. What a curse!

In the end, Jews would have only one right: to be stateless, to die, and never to have existed. The prayer of the Apostle Paul, who still considered himself an Israelite after having passed from darkness to light, was as follows:

Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.

He affirms:

Has God rejected his people? Far from it! For I too am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God has not rejected his people, whom he knew beforehand…

We now give the floor to Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, to present his views and right of reply to the attitude of the UN, which for months has been complacent towards the murderous Islamism of Hamas, UNRWA, the Palestinian Authority and the Iranian Ayatollahs.
speech at the United Nations on 2024-04-19 .

Did anyone hear any Palestinian leader even condemn the massacre of our childre

Thank you Mr President,
Distinguished ministers, colleagues, Secretary General

How many times has this Council met to discuss ways to advance the release of our hostages held in Gaza?
How many times? not even once.

How many condemnations has this Council issued against Hamas or for their heinous October 7th Massacre?

Yet, rather than condemning hamas’s atrocities or taking action, real action, to bring our hostages home, this Council will be voting upon a resolution to recommend granting the Palestinian Authority full membership status, a Palestinian State.

How detached from reality, can this Council be to dedicate its time and resources to support a resolution so disconnected to the reality on the ground?

To a resolution that will have zero positive impact for any party, that will cause only Destruction for years to come and harm any chance for future dialogue.

Colleagues, six months after October 7th, the most brutal Massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, this Council seeks to reward the supporters and perpetrators of these atrocities with statehood:

The child murdering Hamas, rapists, are watching this meeting and they are smiling. There is no bigger prize for Terror than today’s meeting.

Let me remind everyone the basic requirement for admission to the UN are:

A: permanent population

B: defined territory

C: government

and D: capacity to enter relations with other states.

But, above anything else, a very important principle stated in article 4 of the UN Charter, is and I quote : “membership in the United Nations is open to all peaceloving states”.
Peaceloving? what a joke!

Does anyone doubt that the Palestinians fail to meet these criteria?
Did anyone here, any Palestinian leader, even condemn the massacre of our children?

The Palestinian Authority has absolutely no control over Gaza.
You all know it, everyone knows it, but even in Judea and Samaria, entire neighborhoods and cities are ruled by other terrorist gangs, lion Den, others.
: Hamas in Gaza, Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Nablus.

And the Palestinian Authority ironically, has no Authority, so who is the council voting to recognize today and give full membership status to?

Who’s going to be in charge while this is in itself grounds enough to reject this sick reward for Palestinian Terror.
The Palestinian Authority is the opposite of a peaceloving entity.

The Palestinian Authority not only, have not condemned the October 7th Massacre, they are also paying monthly salaries to all the terrorists that took part in it, rewarding the rapists.

This is a genocide loving entity, that doesn’t deserve any status here, but sadly, to some of the members here, some the Palestinians inability to meet the criteria simply doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter, because to some of you, Palestinian status has nothing to do with the UN Charter, or legal criteria. All it has to do with, is politics and interests.

The UN Charter is important to them, only when it can be used against Israel.
The report from the council’s commission on the admission of new members, even States it black on white.

Let me quote from clause 3 of the report, your report, and I quote : “several members expressed The View that the admission of the State of Palestine to membership in the United Nations, was a political matter, rather than a technical or legal requirement”.

In other words, UN Charter be damned, international law be damned.
I reiterate, international law and the UN Charter are only important when they can be weaponized against Israel.
But if, breaking the law means advancing the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian Terror State, a palestin Nazi State then by all means…

They’re just empty words on paper, right?

What this Council has decided to focus on, at the expense of all other calamities around the globe, is to Grant a prize to terrorists. Granting the perpetrators and supporters of October 7th full membership status in the UN, is the vilest reward for the vilest crimes.

If this resolution passes, God forbid, this Council should no longer be known as the security Council, but as the terror Council. The only thing that a forced unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state will do, is to make any future negotiations almost impossible.
As long as the Palestinians feel that they can exploit this politicized body to their benefit, why would they bother at the negotiating table or support any compromise? Do you honestly think that this resolution will make a solution more likely or change anything on the ground?

The Palestinians have rejected every peace plan ever made, and they continue to support Terror and boycott negotiations and now they know that their rejectionism pays off.

They can say no no no to any American president, but still get here what they demand, because the UN is Guided by politics, not morality or truth.

All this council is accomplishing through this destructive approach, is making a solution unattainable.
The UN is no longer about multilateralism sadly, it is now committed to multi-terrorism.
At the security Council Terror pays off, it’s shameful.

I have always called out the political rot within the UN that sadly nothing here is based on truth and justice but toxic politicization and today the mask has finally Fallen, the council has exposed itself.

Please, do not give in to politics do not support this dangerous resolution.
How can you support a resolution that is so destructive and immoral at the worst possible moment?

Colleagues, the council was not the only entity to expose its true face this week.

On Saturday night, with the launch of over 300 UAVs ballistic missiles and cruise missiles at Israel the Ayatollah regime’s mask also fell. Iran exposed itself as the terror state that it is.

But today marks another milestone in the Ayatollah regime’s blood soaked history. On April 18 1983, a Chevrolet pickup truck packed with 1000 kg of explosives sped through the gates of the US Embassy in Beirut, crashed into the building and detonated.

This blast killed 63 people.
You’re talking a lot about embassies and the importance of embassies.
And Hezbollah claimed responsibility, and today April 18 2024, exactly 41 years later, this Council “the security Council” will be addressed by an arch terrorist, whose regime funds arms trains and directs Hezbollah.
The Ayatollah regime’s foreign minister Husen Amir abuliydan is a member of the Iranian revolutionary guard Corp.

This Terror organization the IRGC is responsible for Carnage Bloodshed and destruction, worldwide:

From Terror attacks in South America and assassination plots on European and American soil, to arms trafficking in Africa, and Terror sponsorship across the Middle East, the IRGC is in the business of murder. The IRGC is a designated terrorist organization, not only in Israel, not only in the United States in Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.

Both I and my Arab and American colleagues agree that the man who will address this Council later today, is a terrorist. And his presence here on today of all days is further proof of how the UN has become a Heaven for dictatorships and Terror regimes to whitewash their crimes.

Colleagues! it is Iran, Iran that ensured Hamas was able to orchestrate the October 7th Massacre. It is the Ayatollah regime in Theheran that has provided weaponary to Hezbollah to rain down missiles on Israeli towns and cities.

It is the Ayatollah regime in Teheran that has equipped the hutis with cruise missiles to fire at Merchant vessels.
And it is the Ayatollah regime that launched an unprecedented attack at Israel, a fellow UN member State, less than a week ago.

Yet, instead of designating the IRGC, as a terror organization, and sanctioning Iran’s evil regime, the Security Council opens its doors for Iran’s foreign minister, for a terrorist.

Can you not see what is going on here?
Terror minister Abdollahian is not here to express sorrow for his regime’s raise an attack and tell this Council that the Islamic Republic has changed its ways.

He is here to make a mockery of you.
He is here, to show you all in your suits and with your diplomatic niceties, that his country can launch an attack on another member State on Saturday, and then he can come here on

Thursday to lecture you all on human rights, and international law.
Minister Abdollahians’s presence here today is making this institution a joke!

Sadly it is clear to every dictator and terror state, that the UN has lost every once of justice, and it is now a blob of politicized plasticine that can be molded however the tyrants choose.
And the council plays along with this destructive charade.

Colleagues, if you still believe that this body holds any relevance, then I ask you, even beg you, what action has been taken by the council against Iran for its attack against Israel this week?
The foreign minister of a genocidal regime will speak here today, as his country hurles towards nuclear weapons.

Has this Council taken any action to prevent this? Nope, nothing instead, we have gathered today to discuss the situation in Gaza.

Has it occurred to any of you that the terror minister Abdollahian is here to make sure, that you focus on Gaza as opposed to his own regime’s crimes?
Sadly, you are being spoonfed a script, it was written by Kaminahi and edited by Sinwar a script crafted by terrorists.
Due to Khamenei and Sinwar script terrorists commit acts of sheer evil against Israel, they exploit civilians as human shields and when Israel defends itself, the UN will pressure Israel to a ceasefire and ensure their survival.

The terrorists know that nothing captivates the UN’s attention more than Israel.

As long as Israel is defending itself all other human rights violate violators can continue committing crimes.
Your eyes will remain on Gaza, as the rest of the world burns, and this is precisely what is happen happening today.

You seat here focused again on Israel focused on Gaza, we will hear talk of international law human rights and many other terms this Council loves to toss around, but in reality this Council, as a council, cares nothing about human rights or international law.
You even refused to visit our communities in southern Israel and I invited all of you, that were devastated by Hamas, everything is political and distorted.

You know better than most, than that the Ayatollah regime is mere weeks away from nuclear capabilities.
This global sponsor his proxies across the region sowing death and destruction, but Iran has immunity here, because this rogue regime has allies here on this Council, that protect it and its Terror proxies.
This is the reason why you will never designate Hamas and as Terror organizations, despite the whole world knowing that they are.

A war still rages in Ukraine as the country that started it seats here on this Council, preaching about peace and the defense of civilians.
This is a backwards world.
This week marks the one year anniversary of the war in Sudan, millions millions have fled their homes Millions more starve countless civilians have been murdered.
Since the start of the war in Sudan has this Council held a single Minister level meeting on the atrocities?

No, not one, but today marks the fourth ministerial Security Council debate on Gaza, the fourth! four on Gaza and not one on Sudan, in the past year.

The double standards here know no bounds.

The amount of time, effort and resources poured into, makes it seem as if the rest of the world is a pure Utopia.

That outside of Gaza we live in a Carefree World hakuna Matata the only people this meeting serves and I reiterate are Ayatollah Khamenei and Yahya Sinwar.

Some of you may think you are serving the Palestinians, but you’re not.
By holding this meeting, you are aiding Khamenei and Sinwar.

They control the agenda here, and hardly any of you seem to notice!

Colleagues, if the UN cannot prevent wars or defend human rights, it has lost any reason to continue operating.
The day will come, when this organization will be shuttered, the UN as we know it, will cease to exist and it, and in its place will stand a body that truly cares about human rights, that truly fights to promote peace, that is capable of putting politics aside for the sake of Justice morality and humanity, and when that day come comes, and it will, this meeting, and the vote to force the establishment of a palestin-nazi state will be remembered as Catalyst of the un’s collapse, a meeting where the world burned but all that concerned the security Council was helping terrorists in Gaza survive, a meeting where a terror entity could be given full membership status.

This is how far the UN has fallen and this is why the UN in its current format, has no future.
I truly pray, pray for brighter days, for a time where the UN can successfully combat the forces of Darkness, not welcome them and be influenced by them.

Thank you Mr President