UN’s vote: Joining the antisemite forces

“There is no peace,” says Yahweh, “for the wicked.”
(The Bible, Isaiah 48:22)

May 10, 2024 : In a powerful and evocative speech at the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan vehemently criticizes the proposed recognition of a Palestinian state. Invoking historical references to World War II and the Holocaust, Ambassador Erdan argues that endorsing a Palestinian state under current conditions would equate to supporting a terrorist regime. He draws a parallel between the horrors of the past and the potential dangers of legitimizing what he describes as the Hitler of our times.
Erdan’s speech addresses the failure of the United Nations to maintain its founding principles, accusing the body of enabling terrorism rather than fostering peace.
He condemns the UN’s actions as a betrayal of international law and the moral duty to oppose genocide and terrorism.

Quote and transcript taken from youtube.

Thank you Mr President

Over 85 years years ago, as World War II began, a force of sheer evil rose up with the goal of dominating the planet through genocide and destruction.
After Hitler’s rise to power, the Nazis sought to subjugate Humanity under their iron Feast while annihilating the Jewish people, but not only us all those who they deemed subhuman.

But in the face of this genocidal plot, the forces of good came together in order to end this horror, to return freedom and peace to the world. And following the Allies Victory, this institution here the United Nations was founded with the mission of ensuring such tyranny never raises its ugly head again, never.

Today you are about to do the exact opposite and advance the establishment of a Palestinian Terror state which will be led by the Hitler of our times – the Hitler of our times.

In the 1940s the world United to destroy a murderous regime, yet today with sick and twisted irony, the very body established to prevent evil is now welcoming a terror State into its ranks.

What would Churchill say if he were alive today? what would Roosevelts think? They are turning in their graves, turning in their graves! This week only, this week Israel commemorated Yom HaShoah Holocaust, Remembrance Day.

And it is during our sacred week, that this Shameless Body has chosen to reward modern-day Nazis with rights and privileges as Israelis mourn the Jewish babies burned in the crematoria, you here at the UN Usher in, the collaborators of the Israel babies burned on October 7th.

How can you be so blind? Is it your political interest?

Are these your distorted values are you being threatened by diplomatic Terror of the Palestinians and their collaborators? there are many here!

Colleagues ! Today’s destructive vote is not only opening the UN’s doors to the terror supporting Palestinian Authority, if it was, then it would be bad enough.
But as you all know the Palestinian Authority does not even have control of its own territory.

Do you know who controls Gaza?

You probably have forgotten because in all of your resolutions here since October 7th you have failed to even call them out by name, so I’ll remind you it’s the terrorists of Hamas. But Hamas doesn’t only control Gaza Hamas has also taken over Palestinian neighborhoods, Palestinian villages in Judea and Samaria, what you call the West Bank. In every poll Hamas today is predicted to win Palestinian elections if they ever happen.

So today, the general assembly is not only about to Grant the rights of a state to the Palestinian Terror Authority. Today you are also about to Grant Privileges and rights to the Future Terror state of Hamas, you have opened up the United Nations to modern-day Nazis, to genocidal jihadists committed to establishing an Islamic State across Israel and the region, murdering every Jewish man woman and child.

It makes me sick, sick, in the years to come you will have to explain how in opposition to all morality, and the UN Charter you did everything everything to give a state to a group of mass m murderers, to the Hitlers of our times. So here it is, I present to you the future outcome of today’s vote, this is the outcome of your vote soon to be president, president Tyrant of the state of Hamas sponsored by the UN by the way.

Hamas President
Hamas President

And he owes his deepest gratitude to you, the general assembly.
When Hamas rises to power the Palestinian representative who just spoke here, you know what will happen to him, he will be recalled, and if he returns he will likely be thrown off a rooftop by Hamas, just as the Palestinian Authority representative were when hamas took over Gaza back in 2006-2007.

And in his place this body will welcome Hamas representative to its ranks, a terrorist Diplomat whose stated goal is Jewish genocide, just like his Iranian counterpart here.
With this new president, we may see here representatives of Isis or Boko Haram that will sit Among Us.

You know what this will be fitting for the new moral standard being set here today, giving the rights of a state to an entity that is already partially controlled by terrorists and will be replaced by a force of child murdering Hamas rapists.
Unbelievable truly unbelievable. What you are carrying out today is reminiscent of how the powers of Europe capitulated to Hitler in the Munich agreement.

The UN is targeting the low abiding democracy of Israel, while appeasing the Nazi jihadist forces of Hamas and Iran, and Churchill’s remarks then on the choice of coward and appeasement in the face of murderous dictators are relevant to your vote today, because today you have a choice between weakness shame and conciliation and fighting a war against Terror.

And sadly you will choose weakness, but you will receive in return not only shame but war in the future as well. Bravo!

Colleagues today another travesty is being committed here by the general assembly, an unforgivable act :

The destruction of the United Nations Charter the UN Charter. The sacred document which serves as the foundation of everything we are supposed to do here, is being trampled upon it is being thrown out the window. You! you are spitting on the very values that were formulated to bind this organization with today’s destructive resolution, you are circumventing the security Council ignoring its decision and violating the Norms this organization has abided by.

The charter was drafted for a reason, but most of you care nothing for the qualifications it outlines. So let me remind you what the charter says about admitting new UN membership.

  1. “membership in the United Nations is open to all other peace loving states, which accept the obligation s contained in the present Charter” peace loving number!
  2. the admission of any such state to membership in the United Nations will be affected by a decision of the general assembly upon the recommendation of the security Council”

With today’s vote, you are not only bypassing the security Council in violation of the charter, but you are bastardizing the meaning of peace loving. You know that the Palestinians are the exact opposite of peace loving, you know this.

Since they rejected the UN partition plan in 1947, they rejected it. They have only tried to destroy Israel time and again they are terror loving not peace loving, they are anything but peace loving.

The Palestinian Authority pays lifelong salaries to the terrorists, it’s in their budget.
They teach martyrdom and Jihad in their classrooms, they glorify death and murder the Palestinians, indoctrinate their children to murder Israelis and commit Terror attacks and then, when Israel defends herself.

The Palestinian representative comes here, stands here, shedding his crocodile tears, as if he did not send all of them to commit suicide or Terror attacks. Not a single Palestinian leader, not even one, has condemned the October 7th Massacre.

He calls the Hamas his brothers, and this is who you want to bestow the rights of a state upon? a terror entity? As long as so many of you are Jew hating, you don’t really care that the Palestinians are not peace-loving.

Despite your obligation to the UN Charter you are here today to expose what the charter truly means to you, when it comes to the lives of Israelis and Jews, the UN Charter means nothing to you – NADA – kaput.

By ignoring the charter and granting the Palestinians the Privileges of a member State, you are proving that morality is just a slogan for you, while politics and interests Prevail. To you, the UN Charter is just a meaningless document, and the vote today will prove that

You know what you’re doing today?
Today you are gutting the charter, and you are doing it in the wake of the most brutal Massacre of my people since the Holocaust on the ashes of the October 7th Massacre.


This day will go down in infamy the UN an organization that was established in the aftermath of the systematic murder of 6 million Jews pays no heed to its founding Charter and is advancing another genocidal regime that threatens the existence of the Jewish people. And I want the entire world, to remember this moment, to remember this immoral act.

UN shredding the UN Charter.
UN shredding the UN Charter

So today I will hold up a mirror, this is your mirror, so that you can see exactly what you are inflicting upon the UN Charter with this destructive vote.
You are shredding the UN Charter with your own hands. Yes yes that’s what you’re doing, shredding the UN Charter. Shame on you

Thank you Mr President