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For thou hast forsaken thy people, the house of Jacob, Because they are full of the east, And given to sorcery like the Philistines, And because they join themselves to the sons of strangers. The land is full of silver and gold Isaiah 2:6

Throughout history, Eastern demonic religions such as Hinduism have influenced various civilisations.


The best-known doctrine of Hinduism is reincarnation. And the Lord warns us … The Bible is clear on the subject.

. And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment … Heb 9:27

Here is a short extract from the booklet ” What to think about reincarnation?” by J. M. NICOLE “1

It is in the religions of India that, since the 10th century BC, the theory of reincarnation has developed most systematically…. The suffering righteous are atoning for faults committed in a previous existence, and sinners who escape punishment in this life are preparing for a painful future existence… Reincarnation has infiltrated certain Christian sects. The Manicheans (4th and 5th centuries) and later the Albigenses (12th and 13th centuries) advocated it and saw in it a possibility of salvation for their listeners, imperfectly freed from earthly bonds…

This belief has greatly influenced societies around the world (especially esoteric and mystical circles). Many translated verses of the Qur’an seem to speak of resurrection, as in the Bible, but in Arabic the Qur’an actually speaks of re-creation, hence reincarnation.

Is it not He who begins creation, then remakes it, and feeds you from heaven and earth. Is there then a god besides Allah?
Say, “Bring your proof, if you are truthful! “Say: “None of those who are in the heavens and on earth knows the Unseen except Allah. And they do not know when they will be resurrected! S.27 :64-65.2

Do they not see how Allah begins creation and then does it again (makes it repeat)3? This is easy for Allah. Say: “Go through the earth and see how He began creation. Then how Allah creates the ultimate generation. For Allah is Omnipotent.” S.29:19-20.

The majority of translations of the Qur’an are deliberately wrong, the Arabic text here speaks of (re)creation or ” creation later “. In the Bible, God created Adam and Eve, and we are their descendants. God does not continually create new men from dust, and women from the rib of men. Another verse is just as clear :

And it is He who begins creation and then does it again (and then begins again); and this is easier for Him. He has absolute transcendence in the heavens and on earth. He is the Almighty, the Wise. S.30:27.

Literally: He (Allah) begins creation and then reproduces it. How many times does Allah have to reproduce his creation? This is not the Christian resurrection. Reincarnation in Islam is still clearly visible here.

How can you deny Allah when He gave you life, when you were deprived of it? [you were dead !]Then He will cause you to die; then He will cause you to live again and finally it is to Him that you will return. S. 2:28

Once again, almost all Qur’an translations (French or English) are lying. The French transforms ” vous étiez morts / you were dead ” into ” vous en étiez privés / vous n’existiez pas / you were non existant ” and moves it to the 2nd position. In Arabic4, the cycle of life and death is literally written as follows:

كَيْفَ تَكْفُرُونَ بِاللَّـهِ وَكُنتُمْ أَمْوَاتًا فَأَحْيَاكُمْ ۖ ثُمَّ يُمِيتُكُمْ يُحْيِيكُمْ إِلَيْهِ تُرْجَعُونَ ﴿٢٨

1 – you were dead;
2 – Allah gives life;
3 – He will cause death;
4 – He will cause life;
5 – We return to Allah
(and after that, … how many repetitions?).

The German Qur’an translation Khoury5 respects this order of steps 1 to 5: Muhammad was trying to convince his contemporaries of a false doctrine. Embarrassed by these stories of reincarnation, some Muslim commentators want to drown out the fish, saying that “ you were dead ” means: You were a sperm, semen, etc. … but a sperm is not dead, it is very much alive !

Hinduism: Life is out of the water

In the beginning there was nothing but Brahman. Then Vishnu came out of the water, then Vishnu creates Brahman, who is the creator god, who makes the world by his own body. Then Shiva gets angry and destroys everything except Brahman.

In the Qur’an, we also have this notion of creation from water :

Did not those who disbelieved see that the heavens and the earth were a compact mass? Then We separated them and made water, every living thing. Will they not then believe? (S21 :30)6

This verse contradicts what Muslims generally believe:

– Earthly jinns came out of fire, angels are made of light.

Why does Mohammed assert that all living things come from water? He is simply adopting the popular Hindu beliefs of his time, just as our Western contemporaries are adopting the same Eastern beliefs (reincarnation) today.

The first creatures

Some of his beliefs about the beginning of the world are fanciful and ridiculous, mixing mythical creatures and endless wars, as in Hinduism or Greek mythology. We will note that various current western scientific theories also appeal to science-fiction type theories7  to explain the birth of terrestrial life:

Fatwa 93970 ( thus answers the question ” Was there life before Adam? “

There were creatures, and then the angels say they were corrupted by the jinn, and there was bloodshed, Allah sent Satan and an army, to kill the killers. They lived in the mountains of an island.

The site in question advances a verse from the Koran

When Thy Lord confided to the Angels, “I am going to establish on earth a vicar ‘Khalifa’.” They said, “Are You going to appoint someone there who will cause disorder and shed blood, when we are there sanctifying and glorifying You?”… (S2 :30)

Why did Adam have to shed blood (kill)? Who were those who were on earth before? … The Islamic Online Bookshop8 informs us ! Warning, what follows  remains incomprehensible but it’s getting naughty !

It is said that the sentence was on twenty-eight nations, … most of them have their origin in water, air, fire and earth. Their bodies are like the bodies of lions and with the head of a bird they have hair and tails. Their speech is a roar.

There is also a nation whose people have two faces, one in front and one behind, and many legs, and their speech is like the song of a bird.

There are also the jinn. The characteristic of the jinn is a nation that looks like dogs with tails and their words are incomprehensible mumbles.

There is also a nation in creation that is like great serpents with wings and legs and tails.

There is also a nation where each one looks like half a human being, they have one eye, one hand and one leg, they walk jumping and their words are like the words of owls.

Among them is a nation where each has human faces and bodies like turtles, and in their hands are claws and … their speech is like the howling of wolves.

There is also a nation where everyone has two heads and two faces like the faces of a great lion whose tongue cannot be understood,

and among them is a nation with round faces that have white hair and tails like the tails of blue cows …

There is also a nation in creation with only women, they have hair and breasts, and there are no men.

Most Muslims completely ignore these ridiculous tales of their religion. One Muslim teacher9 says :

The information does not reach the level of truth and there is no evidence for it. In the Holy Quran or the Sunnah, or modern science.

This is a delicate way of showing without saying so, that the unfiltered sources of Islam are a hodgepodge of lies and myths. And He adds 3 more lies, in fact, this Muslim forgets that:

    • The Qur’an speaks of re-creation / reincarnation and keeps track of pre-human beings and wars.

    • (Modern) origins science is also full of enigmas and fiction and myths. (Just to mention a few: the multivers = parallel universes, big bangs endless cycles, …)

    • the Sunna (Islamic community) had and still has adherents to these doctrines. We will present images from a site that takes these accounts very seriously.

The authoritative sources of Islam cannot blame some for believing : Ibn Katheer, the commentator10 of the Qur’an the most old and respected talks about it:

” before Adam, Allah ordered the jinn to kill the Vim and people lived after them, because these creatures had killed other creatures by spilling their blood “


Who exactly had these creatures killed ? There is a perpetual cycle of death and re-creation of creatures that have themselves been killed by the jinn. The Moroccan site11 hibazoom illustrates and comments on a whole series of these creatures. These nations are called : Djinn, Bin, Hin, Khin, Min, Din and Nis… in all 28 nations.

We understand from this noble Qur’anic verse, that there were creatures that inhabited the earth before our master Adam, and that these creatures were corrupt and bloodthirsty…

The Khins

Many scholars have mentioned that those who shed blood are the jinn, but the jinn have no blood! Many books and scientific interpretations have discussed that other creatures were on earth before the sons of Adam, so Ibn Katheer mentions this in his book (The Beginning and the End)

” … After the earth had stabilised and it had cooled down and life had begun to spread across the surface of the earth … this was at the time called the protozoan era (which is the time of the first creation of a living cell on the face of the earth, according to scientists’ estimation … that is, 2.5 billion years ago), …. There were creatures closer to primitive mutants of organic origin that do not reproduce sexually… and then the creation of new creatures with the same shape (as shown in the image). As for how they are created, they start out as a large worm that accelerates its growth until it takes the form of a semi-standing organism, then transforms to resemble a standing monkey to some extent, ages and ages and dies after that, and its parts mix with the soil to turn into dirty sludge from which other descendants emerge, and so the species multiplies…

It was a combination of mud and tree bark, and it grew at the bottom of the water laden with algae and sometimes mixed with wild vascular plants. As soon as they set foot on the ground, they multiplied at a terrible rate, and as they touched the water, their roots became stronger creatures than they were, until they became heavy due to the absorption of minerals from the ground to strengthen their wooden trunks and as if they themselves had limbs that moved with them instead of the wooden bark by which they walked and became superior in their woody entity.

The Nis (or Nas) : Our ancestors


the Mins

They are transitional creatures, originating from aphids and evolving into four-legged walking creatures. They are considered to be the first spirit creatures to possess a mind but are inexpensive and developed into several other creatures in the sea, air and land … They are the ancestors of humans.

The Nins


Les Nins

In the image (of the Mins), we recognize the word Allah de which forms a pictogram of this ancient Arabic script.

The term Naas (from Nis) is found in the Qur’an, in almost every verse of the last sura An-Naas (114:1,2,3,5,6) which means, men or humanity. It also deals with protection, jinn and the one who blows into hearts.

We will stop this boring nonsense and conclude :

Islam is not the 3rd  Abrahamic religion , it is a mixture of various pagan and idolatrous religions to the highest degree, including the myths of Hinduism.

The term ” Abrahamic religion “, is also by definition misleading, as religions are man-made.

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a living God, whom man did not invent, but who created us.

    • 1For those who want to know more, we recommend the document : Que penser de la réincarnation? by J. M. NICOLE, Editions de l’Institut Biblique de Nogent – 1980, ISBN 2-903100-11-X. Which we have on our website :


    • 3For this and the following verses, the German translation Zaïdan is more honest, we will put it in brackets : wie ALLAH die Schöpfung beginnen läßt, dann sie wiederholen läßt?!

    • 4If you don’t have an Arabic speaker to help you translate, Google’s machine translation, though of poor quality, gives a better result : ” How can you make atonement for God, when you were dead, and he makes you alive? Then he puts you to death, then he raises you, then to him you will return “

    • 5Wie könnt ihr Gott verleugnen, (1) wo ihr tot waret und (2) Er euch lebendig gemacht hat? (3) Dann läßt Er euch sterben und (4) macht euch wieder lebendig, und dan (5) werdet ihr zu Ihm zurückgebracht.

    • 6German translation :” Haben denn diejenigen, die ungläubig sind, nicht gesehen, daß die Himmel und die Erde eine einzige Masse waren? Da haben Wir sie getrennt und alles Lebendige aus dem Wasser gemacht. Wollen sie denn nicht glauben? “every living thing was made of water.

    • 7 Life on earth is thought to have come from aliens. Not only would there be millions of years needed for creation, but also a multitude of parallel universes.

    • we reproduce only an excerpt, removing the difficult to translate.


    • 10Ibn KatheerI Vol. 1-haddith 58-59.

    • 11
      It is very difficult to research this subject today, only a few Islamist websites talk about it, some seem serious, others are full of various advertisements of the ” dating sites ” type, and try to sell their material. We are swimming in the ” sewers of Islam ” to do such research.

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