Rick Warren and Hypnosis

Do not be yoked together with the unbelievers under a foreign yoke. For what has righteousness to do with iniquity? or what has light and darkness in common? 2Cor 6:14  

Here’s what Rick Warren teaches (or has taught)  on his site  saddleback.com :



Learn to kill the ants (automatic negative thoughts).

Meditation (go to the relaxation room for meditation sessions).

Hypnosis (meet in the relaxation room for hypnosis sessions).

Diaphragmatic breathing.

Relaxing music.

Intense exercise (see Body Gym for more on exercise).

A balanced diet between protein and complex carbohydrates (see Recipes and Tips and Tana Tips for recipes and more).

Fish oil, such as Omega-3 Power.

Optimize vitamin D levels.

Supplements such as GABA, B6, magnesium and lemon balm found in GABA Calming Support.

Some caveats and remarks can be made knowing that Rick Warren is supposed to be a Christian pastor:

1 – This page has been removed from the Internet, but can still be found in an archive on the web:

https://web. archive.org/web/20110402205315/http://saddleback.com:80/thedanielplan/healthyhabits/braintype/

There is a link to the website of hypnotist Daniel Amen (http://www.theamensolution.com/)

2 – Is discussion of character types in the Church necessary!? Where does the Bible talk about it?

In the first Easter, it was not the size of the family that was to define the amount of lamb to be eaten, but the  lamb that defined the number of people who were to eat it.
The Lamb is at the center, not man, his abilities, attitudes and needs.

3 – see various articles warning about  hypnosis on our site.

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